SharePoint AdvancedLookup User Guide


AdvancedLookup is a cutting-edge application for SharePoint 2013 which enables you to work with lookup fields in list item forms efficiently and much easier! AdvancedLookup extends standard lookup fields in New and Edit list item forms (only ListFormWebPart is supported) to dynamic comboboxes with search capability that allows you to find items for lookup, in the search results view you can sort items by ID or display name of the lookup field, you can also open and add new items.

Demo limitations

The AdvancedLookup Demo app has the following limitations:
  1. It extends only the first found lookup field in a list item form of the selected list.
  2. A lookup search may display only the first 12 list items in the search results view.
  3. It does not have the "Row limit" and "Exclude fields" settings.


Install and add the AdvancedLookup app to your site. Click to open it. On the app settings page adjust the following settings:
  • Source list – the name of a list that contains lookup fields to be extended by the app.
  • Min. number of symbols to start a search – minimal number of symbols to be entered in the search box to start a search.
  • Row limit - number of list items displayed in the search results view per page.
  • Show folders in the search results – shows or hides folder elements of a list in the search results view.
  • Show "Add new item" link in the search results – shows or hides the link to a New list Item form of a list in the search results view. If a user does not have permissions to add items, the link will be hidden.
  • Exclude fields - a semicolon-separated list of field internal names to be excluded from the app processing.

Click the "Save Settings" button to save the app settings for the selected list. You can configure AdvancedLookup for any number of lists you like.

Click the "Remove Settings" button to remove the app settings for the selected list.

Click the "Go back" button to go back from the app settings page.

NOTE. The AdvancedLookup app requires a field for app internal use to be created in the selected list. The hidden text field will be created on saving settings. You can always remove the field from the list by removing settings.

The app doesn't work in IE8.

If after the app initial installation you want to update the app with it's next release from Office Store, please consider these setup steps:
1. Remove the AdvancedLookup folder from the Site Assets document library of your target site.
2. Remove the AdvancedLookup app from your site.
3. Download the updated AdvancedLookup app from Office Store and install it. 
4. Open the updated app, on the app settings page select any target list from the Source list and click the "Save Settings" button to finish the setup (you don't need to repeat this step for all target lists).

Technical support

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  2. Hi, The sharepoint add in looks to be exactly what I need but it doesn't seem to do anything other than add a text field to my list. I installed the demo to my office 365 site and selected the list I wanted to add a lookup to. To save confusion this was a two field list with Title and my lookup field to a custom contacts list. When I go into the new or edit forms the lookup field functions the same as normal and the Advancedlookup field is just plain text. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. I had exactly the same problem just now, did you get to work?